Reiki Energy Healing Circle @ Whole-istic Life
May 13 @ 7:00 pm
Guided Meditation @ Whole-istic Life
May 26 @ 7:00 pm
Guided Meditation @ Whole-istic Life | Woodbury | New Jersey | United States

Meditation is an incredible tool to release stress, balance our emotions, and create inner peace.

Meditating on our own requires some effort, while Guided Meditation allows you to simply close your eyes and be guided to the relaxing, peaceful state you desire.

Guided Meditation is great for beginners and anyone that has difficulty meditating on their own.

If you have always wanted to try meditation and haven’t or if you simply want to let go of the stress from your work week and start your weekend off by clearing your mind and relaxing with an uplifting Guided Meditation now is your opportunity to try it for free.

Chairs are provided but feel free to bring a yoga mat if you prefer.

$5 Donation

It’s the blue/grey building. Two doors away from the Woodbury Fire Station. Door on the right. 3rd Floor.


Connecting to your Subconscious Mind with Mandala Meditation @ Whole-istic Life
Feb 10 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Connecting to your Subconscious Mind with Mandala Meditation

Mandalas have been used since ancient times in many cultures and religions. Mandalas offer us a creative way to know ourselves better.
In this workshop we will do this by tapping into our subconscious as we choose our mandalas and the colors we will use with our intuition and our senses. We will choose everything with …our eyes closed.
The workshop will begin with a short guided meditation to relax, go inward and connect to our inner-selves. Then we will pick and work on our mandalas. We will finish up with discussion about the mandalas, the colors we chose, what they represent and the insights we were given.
This workshop is a fun and relaxing way to work on self- discovery.

The cost for this event is $15

Light refreshments will be served

Reiki and Reading @ Whole-istic Life
Mar 5 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

As many of you know Brenda has moved to Florida but she will be back for this event!!! YAY!!! This will be the last time we do this in the foreseeable future, so DON’T MISS OUT!!!!


Spend one glorious hour with us and leave transformed!! You will receive a half hour Reiki treatment and a half hour tarot card reading.

Tricia is a Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki for 5 years. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful, healing technique that restores a body’s natural state of balance. Reiki is both a form of body work and energy medicine. It is based on the idea that the “Universal Life Force Energy” flows through us to restore physical and emotional well-being.

The benefits of Reiki:


Reduction of stress

Pain management

Accelerated healing

Improved sleep

Emotional balance

Reduced side effects from radiation and chemotherapy

Reduced side effects from prescription medications

Overall improved well-being

Preparing for your energy healing session:

While receiving your energy healing you will lie fully clothed on a healing treatment table.Your practitioner places hands lightly on or above your body transferring the healing energy.You can expect to feel any of the following:

*A feeling of heat or warmth

*Tingling or pulsing

*Cold or cool energy

*Deep relaxation

*Visual impressions, colors, lights, or images.

Wear comfortable clothing, no jewelry, and drink plenty of water

Brenda is a Psychic Adviser and Empath. She uses her inherently gifted psychic abilities, spirit guides, energy and intuition, with the use of Tarot Cards, to give you a compassionate, accurate and thorough reading. She uses a down to earth, straight forward approach to give you the clarity and insight you seek for your particular journey. Whether you seek life, family, love, career, finances, health or mental clarity, you will walk away with the new found wisdom, knowledge, guidance and a clear understanding of your path.

There are limited spots available. Payment must be received to hold your spot.

There are four time slots to choose from.





Cost: $60

* Message me the time slot you want.